How is the diagnosis of prostatitis in men

How is the diagnosis of prostatitis in men
By what symptoms can diagnose prostatitis in men, how to recognize the disease yourself.

How is the diagnosis of prostatitis in men

Prostatitis is a common disease that affects men, even those who are under 30 years old. To prevent its complications in the form of impotence, infertility, adenoma, cancer, you should pay attention to the initial symptoms. Our article will tell how the diagnosis of prostatitis, what kind of disease.

The content of the article

  • What is prostatitis
  • Kinds
  • The reasons
  • Symptomatology
  • What diseases methenolone acetate are prostatitis like?
  • Diagnosing
  • Differential diagnostics
  • Feeling out
  • Clinical examination
  • Useful video: tests for prostatitis in men
  • Profile Diagnostics
  • Home study
  • During home diagnostics, you can determine the following condition, which says that you have a pathological focus:
  • Useful video: diagnosis of prostatitis
  • Conclusion

What is prostatitis

It can be detected even at the initial stage, since the symptoms at the very beginning of its formation are the same as in the acute course of the disease. The difference is not very pronounced intensity.

If the diagnosis of prostatitis was made in a timely manner, then the pathology is not dangerous. Otherwise, the development of the chronic stage, the formation of hyperplasia may occur.


Pathology can be cured after the prostate is diagnosed. The disease is divided into the following types, which are associated with the causes that caused it:

  1. Bacterial, the cause of this pathology is an infection that has penetrated into the urogenital system.
  2. Non-bacterial, in which no infectious pathogens of the pathological process have been identified.
  3. Prostatodinia is characterized by changes in tissue density, without the presence of an inflammatory process. This occurs against the background of genital infection or chronic disease OMT.

Important! To identify chronic prostate in men is more difficult than acute, as it does not have pronounced symptoms.

The reasons

Today, prostatitis is diagnosed in young men of 20-30 years. Increasingly, prostate inflammation occurs in the reproductive age. The reasons for this alcohol effects on bodybuilding process are:

  • reduced immune system;
  • hypothermia;
  • impaired sexual activity;
  • congestion in the pelvic area;
  • injuries in the groin area.
Diagnose prostatitis in men 20-30 years


Before diagnosing prostatitis, doctors check for a history of its characteristic signs. The symptoms that the patient first draws attention to include:

  • difficulty urinating. When the pathology begins its development, there is a slight increase in the size of the prostate gland. As a result, the ureter is squeezed, like a finger ring. The initial sign of the manifestation of the disease is a slight narrowing of the ureter. Urine may be excreted in slow motion, the jet may be weak or intermittent;
  • then there is the problem of frequent urination. At first it does not cause concern. A man can stand up once or twice a night, writing off this symptom for an extra cup of tea drunk at dinner. Further, there is a reduction in the time between the urge to urinate;
  • “last drop” syndrome, which is characterized by involuntary discharge of a few drops of urine after the urination process is completed or when the patient is in a sitting position;
  • slight pain in the lower abdomen, which can be pressing, pulling, bursting in nature. Pain is usually disturbed in the evenings or after active exertion;
  • a slight erection disorder, ejaculation that occurs before the time, which is often attributed to nervous tension and stress.

Typically, patients do not realize that prostate disease causes such phenomena.

If a man does not pay attention to the initial symptoms and does not rush to the doctor, then the following signs of prostate inflammation appear:

    • the appearance of blood during urination;
    • urine stasis;
    • infertility;
    • impotence.
How is the diagnosis of prostatitis in men
Prostatitis symptoms

What diseases are prostatitis like?

Many are concerned about the question of how to understand if I have prostatitis, and with which diseases it can be confused. The acute course of the disease is easy to confuse with the infectious-inflammatory process occurring in the genitourinary system. Inflamed prostate gland is often confused with orchitis, cystitis, epididymitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis. But in the differential diagnosis, pathology is easily determined:

  • orchitis, epididymitis testabol reviews affects the testicle and appendage. At the same time there is redness, swelling of the scrotum. Touch causes a sharp manifestation of pain, the testicles feel like burning;
  • urethritis is manifested by pain in the penis. If the pain has spread to the lower abdomen, then cystitis may be attached. During urination several blood droplets can be released;
  • cystitis is characterized by frequent urination. The patient is tormented by the feeling that there is still urine in the bladder;
  • pyelonephritis causes lower back pain, problematic urination, body temperature rises.

Diagnosis of prostatitis in men allows differentiating the problem from adenoma, hyperplasia, and oncology.


Representatives of the stronger sex often think about how to find out if they have problems with the prostate, and whether the unpleasant symptoms are associated with this disease. In this issue will help the diagnosis, which directs the urologist.

Differential diagnostics

The symptoms of prostatitis are similar for other diseases, but it is possible to determine whether this pathology is based on the following features:

  • there is a aching character, which passes into the region of the sacrum, pubis, inner side of the thighs;
  • after prolonged sexual abstinence or longer sexual intercourse, the pain intensifies;
  • frequent urination in the morning, which requires additional effort from a man;
  • if at night the patient had a sexual act, then in the morning he urinates normally;
  • decreased libido;
  • orgasm is different “poverty”;
  • an erection decreases;
  • sweating may occur in the scrotum.
Analysis of urine

In deciding how to identify prostatitis, a general urine test, which shows an increase in leukocytes, helps.

Feeling out

When symptoms of inflammation of the prostate gland appear, it is necessary to consult a urologist as soon as possible, who will conduct a digital rectal examination before recognizing prostatitis. The investigated organ is located near the rectum, and therefore there is no difficulty in probing it. The presence of a pathological focus can be determined by the increase or tenderness of the gland.

During the diagnosis, the man needs to remove the lower part of the clothes and take a knee-elbow position on the couch. It is possible to conduct an examination lying on your side. The doctor, wearing gloves on his hands, conducts research with the inserted finger in the rectal area. During the procedure, an assessment is made:

  • body size;
  • consistency;
  • smoothness of the prostate gland with a longitudinal groove.

In the acute stage of the disease, it is necessary to be careful not to cause the spread of the infection process to nearby tissues. If the man has a chronic form of the disease, then the doctors determine an enlarged organ several times larger.

Prostatic palpation

Clinical examination

After talking with the patient, he is scheduled for a clinical examination. To make an accurate diagnosis, you must pass:

  • complete blood count, which shows the presence of inflammation by an increased number of leukocytes;
  • urinalysis allows you to determine the pathology of the increased number of leukocytes, erythrocytes, the presence of protein. In some cases, additional bacteriological examination of urine will be required;
  • A study of sperm allows to assess the state of the male reproductive system. In the course of laboratory diagnostics, specialists pay attention to the chemical composition of sperm, microconcentration, activity, and motility of spermatozoa. Using this analysis, it is possible to estimate the degree of damage that was inflicted on the sexual function of the patient;
  • a smear from the urethra allows you to determine if there is an infection and what kind of nature it is.

Useful video: tests for prostatitis in men

Profile Diagnostics

How to determine prostatitis, the patient will prompt the drinking and bodybuilding urologist after the examination. To expose the diagnosis only on the basis of finger diagnosis is impossible. Full research includes:

  • TRUS – ultrasound method, in which the sensor is inserted through the rectum. This method is informative, determines the pathology at the initial stage of its development;
  • blood test for PSA (prostate specific antigen) and simultaneous calculation of the prostate gland health index;
  • if during the TRUS it was not possible to collect the necessary information, then the man is assigned a magnetic resonance imaging;
  • may need histology or biopsy.

Home study

Often in men the question arises how to find out if there is a pathology of the prostate gland itself at home. The study of such diseases as prostatitis should engage a specialist. If a man decided on this procedure, then he needs to follow some recommendations:

  1. Before conducting a rectal examination, it is necessary to cleanse the intestines with a regular enema.
  2. Enema should be made warm water with a few drops of vegetable oil.
  3. Before the procedure, a man needs to drink at least 700 ml of water. This is due to the fact that the prostate is located behind the bladder.

After consuming the liquid before the start of the home inspection, at least 30 minutes should pass. It is necessary to take a position lying on your side with your knees bent and pressed. The area of ​​the anus trying to relax.

Cover finger with Vaseline to ensure a gentle entry into the anus. Enter it should be no more than 5 cm. It is important to ensure that the introduction was slow and accurate. A man should not feel any discomfort, pain. At about 5 centimeters border, the prostate gland is groaned. During the inspection, you can assess its condition, softness, size. In men at home, you can feel the seal.

Important! During the examination, you should wear medical gloves on your hands.

During home diagnostics, you can determine the following condition, which says that you have a pathological focus:

  • even a slight scarring, a slight compaction indicates the presence of an inflammatory focus, prostatitis, which is caused by stagnation;
  • pain may be a sign of stones;
  • equally enlarged prostate lobes are a sign of adenoma.

Useful video: diagnosis of prostatitis


If during the home inspection revealed even a slight change, you must consult a doctor. Next, you should undergo a professional diagnosis, which will allow more thoroughly stanabol results examine the body.