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Celebrating Easter is going to feel a little strange this year since we'll be doing it from our homes. But we want to help you be ready to worship the risen Savior Jesus Christ by preparing your heart on Friday. The Good Friday Experience will walk you through the last hours of Jesus life as he is betrayed, tried, crucified, and buried in the Tomb.

This is an interactive experience that will have both digital and physical elements. There will be videos available on either our website or on YouTube for you to play. Then there will be a box delivered to your home that morning that will have different elements that go along with each room. There will be actions that help you see, taste, touch, and smell things that Jesus experienced during his last hours.

Register soon since we are only able to provide 50 boxes. Those who are currently part of Cornerstone and live in the Auburn area are eligible due to amazon ordering and travel restrictions




PSALMS FOR ALL: I love the Psalms because no matter what you’re feeling or thinking, there is a way to express it in there. And as we go through this pandemic together, there is every possible set of emotions and feelings swirling all at once. Everyone is dealing with this in their own way. So sometimes we need a song of comfort. Sometimes we need a song of praise and hope. But sometimes we need a different kind of song.

I was watching a sermon online from a church across the country and one of the phrases they used was that when worship decreases, worry increases. And while that is catchy and memorable, something didn’t sit right with me. I get what they were trying to communicate that worry is self focused and worship is god focused. But It gave the impression that if you’re struggling with the things that are happening, and how God seems to either be working or not working, that you must not be worshipping. And I don’t think that’s true. I think that HURT & HOPE, FEAR & FAITH, WORRY & WORSHIP, CAN EXIST TOGETHER. And I believe the bible shows us that’s possible through what we call…

LAMENT: [4]A lament is a song of sorrow that is both an expression of pain, and a prayer seeking help. It gives voice to the pain inside us and helps us release it and it also helps us turn to God in the middle of it and seek the only One capable of fixing things! It is a beautiful expression both PAIN AND PRAYER.

  • I never want to preach a gospel that ignores pain. I never want to simply gloss over doubt and disappointment. And as we will see, it is not only UNWISE to do so, it is UNBIBLICAL, and most of all, it is UNCHRISTLIKE. Jesus Christ himself showed us how to hurt and worship at the same time. My prayer is that his morning, wherever you’re at this will either help you express your doubt, disappointment, or disillusionment with God in a way that also lets you seek after him, or if you’re not there, prepares you when that time comes.


David was one of the greatest Kings of the Jewish people. And this prayer set to music is attributed to him. And with the very first words off his lips we are struck with two seemingly contradictory phrases. He cries out “My God, My God”. He’s saying I know you’re real, I am yours and you are mine. We have a relationship. It’s the cry of a HEAD THAT TRUSTS. But then we have the question, “Why have you forsaken me?” Why have you abandoned me? Why have you left me all alone? It’s the cry of a HEART THAT HURTS. There is a beauty in the mixture of hope and hurt, faith and fear. It’s complex, it defies simplistic approaches to life. I believe there is a God, I believe that he loves me, I believe that he is for me. You don’t cry out for someone you don’t believe in. But Why would he let me go through this? Why does he seem like he’s left me all alone?

When doubt, disappointment, and disillusionment hit, from the Laments in the bible we learn that our first step should be…

  • TURN TO “MY GOD”: Choose to talk to God about what is happening. Some people instead of turning to God they turn their back on him. Fine, if you seem like you’ve let me down, I’m through with you. Or Some people instead of turning to him, turn and talk to others about their disappointment with God. Or some people turn to themselves. Things are bad, but I have a plan. Things are bad, but if I do this or get this then I can fix my situation. And a Lament is honestly saying, things are really wrong, and I can’t fix it? Help God! MY GOD MY GOD AND THEN…
  • EXPRESS YOUR GRIEF: That word grief is usually associated with THE LOSS OF SOMEONE OR SOMETHING. Losing a loved one, losing your health, losing your job, losing your senior year, losing your perfect wedding, losing your sense of normalcy and sense of security, losing your sense of connection with people, losing a sense of purpose. There was an article that someone sent to me from the Harvard Business Review that talked about how what many people are feeling during this time is grief. And there are many ways to express grief. (DENIAL: I can’t believe it), (ANGER: I’m so mad about the way they’re handling this) (BARGAINING) Okay, I can handle this for a couple weeks. (SADNESS) I don’t know how or when this will end. And then finally (ACCEPTANCE) This is happening, I have to figure out how to proceed. And all of these emotions are powerful and scary. And there are two options, bury them and pretend everything’s okay. Suck it up buttercup. And the problem is that when you bury emotions, they’re like zombies, they come back out of the grave and eat you alive and cause all kinds of chaos. The other option is to express them. Express your grief and sense of loss. And the songwriter prays to God…
    • I’VE LOST EVERYTHING! [v. 1] says I’ve lost the sense of CLOSENESS with God. You’ve forsaken me. I’ve lost any FEELING OF VALUE. [v.6] says “I’m a worm and not a man” I’m as low as it gets. I’ve lost any sense of COMMUNITY. [v. 6-7] say “I’m scorned..despised…and mocked” He says I’ve lost any sense of SAFETY. [v. 12-13] say “I’m surrounded by raging bulls, roaring lions, and rabid dogs.” I’ve lost my HEALTH. [v. 14] I’m poured out like water, my heart melts like wax I’ve got nothing left, I’m overcome by fear and grief, my bones are dislocated. I’ve lost any support from SOCIETY: In [v. 16-18] He says that people have pierced his hands and feet, and that they divide his clothing up. They’re acting like he’s as good as dead and they’re taking what was his. And God actually wants us to voice these hurts to him. Not because he doesn’t know about them, but because it’s part of the process of moving through it and growing closer to God. But expressing it has to lead to…
  • BOLDLY ASK FOR HELP: The songwriter asks for two major things. DON’T BE FAR FROM ME and SAVE ME! [v. 11] says “Do not stay so far from me” and [v. 20] says save me…, spare me…, snatch me…] I say ASK BOLDLY FOR HELP because there is a certain tone the appeal of a Lament. It’s one of expectation. You’re my God! I know what you’re like! I know what you can do! I’m one of your people and you have promised to care for me! You told us to cry out to you and you would respond. So we’re crying out! And I’ll admit, I don’t think I had gotten there just yet. This had been uncomfortable for me, yea, this had been frustrating to me, yes, and this had been scary for me, yea, but not enough to cause me to cry out for help. [24]At least not until I saw an article about what is happening in INDIA where people are walking hundreds of miles with children because they have no work, no place to stay, and nothing to eat. Or my brothers and sisters in the Dominica Republic who are struggling to pay rent on their spaces where they worship, or their pastors who work full time jobs unable to care for their families. And I found myself crying this week, expressing grief. But I hadn’t cried out to God. I hadn’t boldly asked for God to help them. But I’m starting to. [25]And it’s time. It’s time for the CHURCH TO CRY OUT AND BOLDLY ASK FOR HIM TO INTERVENE. GOD DON’T BE FAR AWAY, GOD COME AND SAVE AND RESCUE. And the final part of a lament is to…
  • CHOOSE TO TRUST: There is a swing back and forth in this song. | God why have you forsaken me, YET… you are holy, you’ve worked in the past, | God I’m a worm and I’m mocked, mistreated, YET…you have been with me from my birth. | I FEEL THIS, YET I KNOW THIS. SO I CHOOSE TO TRUST. And this is a choice not a feeling. We trust that God is Holy, universally unique, universally powerful, universally wise and good and loving. He has brought us this far, and he will bring us through whatever we may go through.
    • This is the pattern God has given us for doubt, disappointment, and disillusionment, and darkness. TURN TO YOUR GOD, EXPRESS YOUR GRIEF, BOLDLY ASK FOR HELP, AND CHOOSE TO TRUST. And this is not just the pattern, it is the example God himself lived! 


Jesus, God in flesh, used this song the very same way. In his darkest moments of life, he used these very same words to EXPRESS HIS PAIN and PRAY TO HIS FATHER at the same time. As his hands and feet were pierced, as his blood poured out, as his emaciated body showed his bones, as his mouth was dry as a potshard, he uttered My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken me. He’s turning to his Father, his God. Acknowledging him. Looking to Him. But he’s also expressing Abandonment. In that moment, Jesus is experiencing something that he had never experienced in his entire life. Before Jesus came to earth and took on human flesh, he had eternally existed. He had been in an eternal relationship of perfect life, love, joy, and peace with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. Enjoying perfect community. Loving and being loved. THERE HAD NEVER BEEN SEPERATION FROM EACH OTHER FOR ALL OF TIME ETERNAL. NOT ONCE. NEVER! We think about how painful it is to be simply separated from each other for a few weeks and we start to unravel. Or if you think about the pain of someone who has been married for 50 years and then loses their spouse, the pain of that relationship changing is horrible. [29]THE GREATER THE RELATIONSHIP, THE GREATER THE PAIN WHEN WE EXPERIENCE SEPARATION FROM IT. I cannot imagine losing my wife. So I can’t even fathom the pain of Jesus experiencing the loss of his father in that moment. But I recently realized that Jesus wasn’t the only one experiencing that loss. Yes, somehow mysteriously Jesus experienced being “FATHERLESS” but God the Father also experienced being “SON-LESS” in that moment as well. His Son was torn from him as well. They both experienced ABANDONMENT AND GRIEVED. Our God understands pain and grief. Just look at the cross.

  • AND JESUS SHOWS US HOW TO RESPOND. Turn to the one who is “My God”, express your grief, pour out your pain in a prayer. Boldly ask for Help, and CHOOSE TO TRUST. There’s two things to take this morning, it’s okay to be hurting, it’s okay to grieve. Just do it the way Jesus did. But the second is this… RESCUE HAS COME AND IS COMING! The entire song changes in [v. 21] “You have SAVED ME” That word means, you’ve answered finally. You came through! You Acted! When we fast forward to the life of Jesus we see how God has answered each one of our cries of pain through prayer.


Although David wrote the words of this song, some of what is described never happened to him during his life. This vividly describes someone who is not merely sick or afraid, but someone who is being EXECUTED. Disjointed bones, dehydration, blood pouring out, hands and feet being pierced. He was surrounded by enemies, People standing around mocking him, people gambling for his clothes as if he’s already dead. All of this happened on the cross. He was beaten with a whip, his flesh was ripped, he had nine inch nails driven through his wrists and ankles. David is telling us over 1,000 years ahead of time about how Jesus is going to fix this broken world. By dying on the cross. Also, typically in a lament there is a cry for justice, for God to deal with the enemies. BUT There’s no cry for punishment of enemies in this passage. One pastor said it this way… It’s as if this were a punishment that, though NOT DESERVED, must be SUBMITTED TO.” Punishment that is not deserved but submitted to and endured. WHY? Jesus did not deserve to die, he hadn’t done anything wrong ever. So why is he dying on the cross? BECAUSE HE LOVES HIS ENEMIES AND WANTS TO RESCUE THEM FROM DARKNESS, SEPERATION, AND ABANDONMENT BY GOD. Every single human being has made themselves an enemy of God. I want to be in control. I want to be the center of the universe. I want to decide what is right and wrong for myself. And we’ve run from God. And because of that our world is sin sick, full of disease, natural disasters. Humanity is sin sick, full of fighting, greed, fear, isolation. And God says, I will not forsake you, I will experience your pain, your loss, your separation so you don’t have to. I will die so you don’t have to. And as we’ll celebrate next week, Jesus told his disciples “…the Son of Man will be delivered to the chief priests and the scribes, and they will condemn him to death and deliver him over to the gentiles. And they will mock him and spit on him, and flog him and kill him. And after three days he will rise.” [Mk. 10:33] and as we’ll celebrate next week, three days later He came back from the dead. God rescued him from the grave. LISTEN TO ME, AND PLEASE HEAR THIS… GOD RESCUED JESUS FROM DEATH. JESUS CAME TO RESCUE US FROM BOTH PHYSICAL DEATH AND ETERNAL SPIRITUAL DEATH. And if Jesus promised to rise and then actually did it, we can trust that he can do the same for us.

FIRST STEP: If you have not trusted Jesus as your Savior, I pray that this suffering causes you to see just how short and flimsy this life really can be. I pray that you see the great love of God who died for his enemies. Who experienced the greatest “distancing” of anyone ever. And who did it so that he could save you. If that’s you I’d like to take a moment and ask you to pray with me. Jesus, I know I need you. All of this brokenness around me is because of our sin. Jesus, I believe that you are God. I believe that you came to save us and fix our world. I believe that you died on the cross so that I wouldn’t have to die and be separated from you forever. I want you to be the king of my life. I want to give you control. I will give up everything you ask me to. Help me to love you and serve you. Amen. If you prayed that, You’ve just made one of the biggest and best choices you’ll ever make. If you did, you need to let someone know and take the next step of being baptized. By being buried with Jesus and resurrected with him. You can tell us about your decision and ask about baptism by filling out…


I love the way the psalm ends. Jesus knew what it said, and Jesus made it possible for us to experience it. It talks about how there will be a great celebration. Where Jesus will stand among us as brothers and sisters. Where the whole world, rich and poor, worship. Where those who have died, those who are alive, and those who are yet to be born worship God together. It says [v. 27-31] How will this happen, Because HE HAS DONE IT! When Jesus said, IT IS FINISHED he made this reality possible. So we may grieve, but we must CHOOSE TO TRUST because Jesus is alive and will make all things new.  He was rescued from the Grave and has promised us hope of eternal life no matter what happens to us here.


So we’re going to give you 5minutes: discuss

  1. Am I grieving? (denial, anger, bargaining, sadness, acceptance)
  2. What do I feel like I’ve lost? (health, finances, normalcy, connection)
  3. Which step do you need? (turning, expressing, asking, or choosing)
  4. Does Jesus’ experience of grief give you comfort?
  5. Does Jesus’ rescue from death give you hope?

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