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Would you like to feel more confident about what is in the Bible and how it applies to you? What if in 15 minutes over 4 days a week for one year you could cover the main topics and scriptures and have a strong understanding of the whole Bible? We want to provide an opportunity to do this together for the next year. We will have a facebook group available for sharing insights, watching videos, and asking questions. You can purchase your books in the lobby for $10 or order them online here.

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Join CWM this January as Angie Smith teaches us about how the biblical narrative ties from beginning to end in one seamless story. While this is our "back to basics" study, it will be anything but basic as we help each other better understand why all 66 books of the Bible are relevant to our lives and how we fit in to the epic narrative.

Meetings will be Wednesdays January 8- February 19 from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Sign up by December 29th so we can order books in time for our January 8th start date 🙂 And as a bonus, sign up by December 11th and be entered to win your study guide for free.

Study Guides are $14.00 each. Sign up at the welcome center, or by texting Kara at 217-341-4306.

Childcare can be made available by reservation. Please let us know by Tuesday if you will need childcare for the week. Cost will be $5.00/child.



The Clothing Connection has an average of 20-30 people come through each time it is open. We could 
always use the extra hands to help sort. You can be a part of blessing our community by volunteering. For more information Contact Patty Sergent at 217.622.1032.



Please join us at 5:30 pm for a night of family fun while supporting our upcoming missions trip to the Dominican Republic in April. We will have food available for purchase and will have a silent auction. The cost is $10, and the money raised will help offset the cost of materials, supplies, and expenses needed for the work we will be doing there. You can pay at the door and do not need to register ahead of time for this event. We appreciate your support and prayers!



We believe that significant life change best takes place in the context of intentional relationships. Groups are the places where real life and real issues are discussed. This is the environment to celebrate the successes and good times of life, as well as comfort one another in the tough and disappointing times. It’s a place to be encouraged, equipped, and challenged to grow in our relationships with Jesus Christ.

Our Groups meet either on Mondays or on Wednesday Evenings. We have childcare offsite so that parents can enjoy and engage with other adults. If you'd like more information, check our groups tab. 




This morning we’re jumping back into a sermon series that we started in August called Circles. The main idea of this series is that God has designed our lives to work in a certain way. That there are different circles of relationships in our lives. A relationship with God, a relationship with our biological family, a relationship with our spiritual family, a relationship with our community, our neighbors, our social networks, and finally with the world we are part of. And God designed all of these networks for the purpose of us making disciples in them.

PROPER ORBIT: And these circles have to be in the right order as well. Like a solar system, if you take a planet out of its proper orbit, things smash into things and chaos erupts. Our personal relationship with Jesus must be central. You cannot make your spouse, your kids, your church, your job, your hobbies, the thing that demands the majority of your time, attention, and treasure. Jesus is the sun around the rest of our lives orbit.

  • TOP THREE: I’m going to say something somewhat controversial, but regardless, it’s biblical. The top three priorities in our lives should be: growing as a disciple personally, making disciples in your home, and making disciples in the church. If you were to look at where you spend your time, attention, and treasure, if it is in areas other than these three, it might be time to reevaluate this new year.
    • GOD DOESN’T WANT YOU TO MISS OUT ON THE LIFE YOU WERE DESIGNED FOR: If these three circles are not your top three, no matter how many new years resolutions you keep, they won’t give you the satisfaction you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter how many pounds you lose, how many books you read, how much more money you make or debt you pay off, or promotions you get, or vacations you go on, you’ll not be living according to the calling God has placed on your life. But when these become your top three, you begin to see what’s truly important. You experience more joy and satisfaction.
    • Eph. 4:1-16 (read in


    THE TOP THREE THINGS THAT GOD INTENDED THE CHURCH TO ACCOMPLISH: UNITY, MATURITY, RESPONSIBILITY! This is why making the church family a priority is such a big deal.

    • UNITY: The first is that you WILL be hurt by being part of the church. The other thing that has been embedded in me is that the church is the bride of Christ and we DON’T get to GIVE UP on her. We’re told that “Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, that he might sanctify her” [Eph. 5:25] Then in  [Acts 20:28] we hear that “the church of God which he obtained with his own blood.” Jesus died to create the church, he died to save the church. But God knew it wouldn’t be easy to love the church. That’s why scripture tells us to “be humble, and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love. The English Standard Translation says bearing with one another. That word, bearing means to “endure something unpleasant or difficult” Why does God call us to unity?
      • SO THAT THE WORLD MAY KNOW: Jesus told his disciples during his last meal with them before he died on the cross. “20 “I am praying not only for these disciples but also for all who will ever believe in me through their message. 21 I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me.” [Jn. 17:20-21] When we love each other the way that Jesus loved us, it will show the world that Jesus is real! When we go through difficult and unpleasant relationships in the church, it shows the world that there is a power capable of overcoming bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, divisiveness. A united Church is the most powerful picture to a watching world that Jesus is alive and real!
        • SATAN WANTS TO DO EVERYTHING HE CAN TO DIVIDE US AND CAUSE US TO HARM OUR WITNESS: The last thing Satan wants is the body of Christ united and the Kingdom of God to advance. He wants us to fight about music, and facilities, and programs, politics, preferences, and policies. And if we do that, then the world will disregard the gospel. But Paul tells us fight for unity. FOCUS ON WHAT’S TRULY IMPORTANT!  (One Lord)Remember that Jesus is Lord, (One Faith) Remember that faith in Jesus saves us not our works, (One Baptism) remember that when you were baptized you died to yourself and live for Christ, (One God over all and in all) Remember there is one God of all and we’re not him. It’s not about us, it’s about him and his kingdom. His word is our command and his will is our purpose! God makes the church a priority because the church is his picture to a watching world that shows that Jesus is real.
    • MATURITY: Scripture tells us that being part of the church is meant to help us “be mature in the Lord.” One of my favorite books is a book called Real Life Discipleship by Jim Putman. And He describes the process of growing in spiritual maturity like this.
        • It is God’s intention that by making the family of God a priority in your life, that you would grow into spiritual maturity. That by learning to love and serve God’s family you would become more like Jesus.
    • RESPONSIBILITY: Ephesians 4:7-13 says that Jesus gave to “each one of us a special gift”. Later on, we hear that each one of us were given at least one of the gifts. The gift of being an apostle. The gift of being a prophet. The gift of being an evangelist. The gift of being a pastor. Or the Gift of being a teacher. That means every single one of you has at least one of the gifts on this list. And that list was given to you for the sole purpose of building the church!
      • APOSTLES: The word apostle literally means sent one. Now there are big “A” apostles like the 12 disciples of Jesus and then Paul. They alone had the unique role of writing books of the bible that spoke directly for God and have a unique and unrepeatable place of authority in Christianity. However, little “a” apostles still exist. These are sent ones like church planters, missionaries, and start non-profits. They love to start new works for the Kingdom of God. They tend to be pioneers and entrepreneurs. They look at things from a city perspective and strategically think through how to reach it with the gospel. They love building systems that make it easier for people to go from accepting the gospel to growing as disciples and then being sent back out again. They’re not okay with we’ve always done it that way before. They’re looking around and saying, God’s not done! Then there are…
      • PROPHETS: These are people that take wisdom given from God and speak them to men and women. I believe that there are two major ways that prophecy is practiced in the church. The first way is that there are times when someone is struggling either with sin or with their faith. And God will choose to reveal through His Holy Spirit part of what that person is going through to another believer for the purpose of either confronting their sin or comforting their faith. The other way that prophets operate is that they have a burning passion for God’s scripture to be heard and to change lives. They are not soft with people. They see sin as destructive and want to deal with it. The church needs prophets, but they usually don’t like them! They’re like, you know the bible, why aren’t you doing it? They won’t let us get comfortable. Next we hear about the role and gift of…
      • EVANGELISTS: These people absolutely love non-Christians. They wake up excited to help people hear about Jesus and accept the gospel. Somehow everyone they meet ends up in a conversation about Jesus. They go to the grocery store and talk about Jesus. They go to the gym and talk about Jesus. It’s like God brings people out of the woodwork that are spiritually hungry to meet with his special evangelists. Again, they make us uncomfortable because they won’t let the church become about its own preferences. They know the church is designed to reach lost people and tell us to get out of the building more! And God also gave us…
      • SHEPHERDS: Shepherds are all about relationships. They have tender hearts. They love encouraging people, helping hurting people. They empathize with others well and have a lot of patience with people in need. They’re the first one in line when someone’s in the hospital or needs prayer. They’re good listeners and easy to share your feelings with. They tend to gravitate towards counseling, social work, nursing and other care-giving professions. And last but just as important as all the others there is the role and gift of…
      • TEACHERS: These people love taking scripture and look for ways to explain, enlighten, and apply it’s truth. They take the Christians the evangelists lead to Christ and help them grow in their understanding of it and how it applies to their lives. They’re excited about sharing what they’re currently learning and reading. They’re constantly reading something, but they also come alive when they get to see the light come on in others. They love spending time in the word with other believers, discussing theology, and discipling them. I want to wrap this up by making it practical.


    Now the rest of that psalm says that when Jesus won the battle, he went back to heaven and gave each of his people a gift to continue fighting to rescue more prisoners from slavery to Satan and Sin. Each one of us is given a gift. A role to play in the church. And if one of us isn’t showing up or using our gift and taking our place in the work of God, then the church is missing out. [19]We are called to come and be changed, not come and be entertained. We are called to come and get to work, not show up and let other people work. We are called to Go and make disciples, not sit and take from other disciples. And the trend for people actually attending and engaging in the church is 1.3 times a month. And I’m not okay with that and neither is God.  Jesus didn’t come to create a community club, or a spiritual buffet, or a feel good sing-a-long. He wants more than a gathering of people who are kind of associated, somewhat committed, or intrigued. [20]He came to create an army that fought back against the gates of hell. And each one of us is given a responsibility. And you know what happens when people take the top three circles in their life seriously? When Christians say Jesus first, home church second, and church home third? The world is changed. In 100 AD there were 25,000 Christians. You know what happens when the church prioritizes worshipping Jesus, discipling their homes, and living out their roles in the church? 200 years later there were 20 million Christians. I think God still does that! I think that there are 4,000 people in Auburn who need Jesus! Another 2,000 in Pawnee! 3,000 in Virden! 1,000 in Waverly. God is calling his church to open their gifts! Christmas is over, it’s time to unwrap them and put them to use.

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    We believe that significant life change best takes place in the context of intentional relationships. Groups are the places where real life and real issues are discussed. This is the environment to celebrate the successes and good times of life, as well as comfort one another in the tough and disappointing times. It’s a place to be encouraged, equipped, and challenged to grow in our relationships with Jesus Christ.

    Nic Cook Home Group
    This group meets in the home of Nic and Susan Cook. They meet on Wednesday nights @ 6:30 – 8:00 PM. There is childcare available. Home group discussions are based around the topics and scriptures that are discussed in the previous Sunday sermon.
    Lori Minks Home Group

    This group meets in the home of Shawn and Lori Minks. They meet on Monday nights @ 6:30 – 8:00 PM. There is childcare available. Home group discussions are based around the topics and scriptures that are discussed in the previous Sunday sermon.

    Jeff Millsap Home Group

    This group meets in the home of Jeff and Jennifer Millsap. They meet on Wednesday nights @ 6:30 – 8:00 PM. There is childcare available. Home group discussions are based around the topics and scriptures that are discussed in the previous Sunday sermon.

    Jennifer Millsap Sunday Group

    This group meets in the kitchen at Cornerstone. They meet on Sunday mornings @ 9:00 – 10:00 AM (during 1st service). There is childcare available. Home group discussions are based around the topics and scriptures that are discussed n the previous Sunday sermon.

    Ed Gerken & Ken Allen Sunday Group

    This group meets in the High School room at Cornerstone. They meet on Sunday mornings @ 10:30 – 11:30 AM (during 2st service). There is children’s programming available. Sunday group discussions are based around the topics and books of the bible of the teachers choosing.

    Ed Gerken Men's Group

    This group meets in the kitchen at Cornerstone. They meet on Monday evenings @ 7:00 – 8:30 PM There is no childcare provided. The Men’s group discussions are based around the topics and books of the bible of the teachers choosing.




    NURSERY l SUNDAYS from 9-11:30 AM

    On Sunday mornings from 9-11:30 AM, infants and toddlers are cared for in our nursery area. The children are being cared for during our adult worship and Sunday group gatherings.


    On Sunday mornings our kids, Pre-K – 5TH grade, will enjoy age appropriate creative and interactive bible teaching, fun activities and crafts. It’s a great chance to make friends as they learn more about Jesus.


    On Sunday mornings our kids, Pre-K – 5TH grade, will worship together by singing and dancing to songs with biblical truth. Each week, kids will participate in large and small group activities to discover who Jesus was and continue to build their faith.



    Once a month during the school year, kid’s K – 5th grade will participate in a fun activity or service project. We encourage kids to participate with their parents in Showing Jesus to the community around us through serving him and his mission.






    On Sunday mornings, our Jr. High students gather to learn, and build friendships with each other during our Sunday groups. There also might be doughnuts involved.


    Our Cornerstone Student Ministry meets on Sunday evenings for games, worship, shenanigans, teaching, small groups, food, and more shenanigans.

    Jr. High students meet from 4:00-6:00pm.

    High School students meet from 5:30-7:30pm.


    CSM: Home Groups October 27th

    With Student ministry we follow the model of meeting at the church for games and bible study but the last week of every month we make small groups the main event and Small group leaders have their groups meet in homes. This helps build relationships and connection outside of the church building and providing an environment for deeper connections. Questions? Talk to  Joe Shepherd (

    Our Upcoming Series: Us For Them

    We talk about how our world is constantly pointed to be us fighting other for what we want in live, a dog eat dog world. Jesus broke the mold and we should too. God is for people and we should be too. Join us sunday nights to find out how do we live FOR people not against them.


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